About this Blog "JAKAMESHI.COM"

Greetings & Management Policy

Thank you for your interest in this site. My name is jakameshi, which operates this site.

This site is based on the concept of "the Jakarta information site of various angles".

Based on the actual experience, we send out various information necessary for living to all people who eat rice in Jakarta (that is, living and working).

I am a Japanese who works in Jakarta. I've already got used to living in Jakarta now, but when I just came I just had no idea what to do.

I launched this site with the goal of reducing the number of people who are just like I used to be.

The current topics I worite about is as follows.

  • Delicious restaurant in Jakarta (from local food to Japanese food)
  • Information useful for life and work in Jakarta
  • Indonesian cultural and tourist information, outing spots
  • A short story about Indonesia and Jakarta
  • Personal diary and thoughts

I sometimes post articles that do not apply to the above.

It is a blog originally written in Japanese language for Japanese people, so sometimes it is difficult to read or some parts of Japanese remain. Please acknowledge that point.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I can read and write English. I can also use Indonesian for everyday conversation.




  • Although the information published in “Jakarta Meshi” (hereinafter referred to as “the site”) has been made in an effort to obtain the latest correct information as much as possible, it does not guarantee the content.
  • All information collection utilizing this site is under the responsibility of the user. In addition, we can not take all responsibility about trouble or loss, damage caused by judgment or action after reading. In particular, please check the latest information on restaurants and other stores in advance.
  • The URL and content of this site may be changed or deleted without notice. Please note.
  • The link to this site is free.
  • We will take strict legal measures for the unauthorized conversion of our site content (text and photos).