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"ALUN ALUN" and "Pasaraya", two large shops with souvenirs for sightseeing in Jakarta


There are many people looking for souvenirs while sightseeing, but many people do not know where to go.

Jakarta has lots of things from all over Indonesia, so you can buy any Indonesian souvenir.

However, you may not have time to go to a variety of small shops for souvenirs.

In addition, traffic congestion is also scary.

In such cases, a large souvenir shop is convenient.

In this article, I will introduce two large souvenir shops in the center of Jakarta where you can buy common Indonesian souvenirs.

"ALUN ALUN" if you want to buy sophisticated high-sense souvenirs

The first souvenir shop is a store named "ALUN ALUN" in the huge shopping mall Grand Indonesia in the center of Jakarta.

ALUN ALUN attracts well-selected folk art and food from all over Indonesia.

As it is located in the trending shopping mall representing Indonesia, there are many sophisticated souvenirs.

The store is spacious and you can enjoy shopping comfortably.

About half the area of one floor is filled with souvenirs, and there are various items such as cosmetic items, folk art items and fashion items with the atmosphere of Indonesia.

Item of cosmetics company famous in Indonesia.

Dietary supplement using Indonesian plants.

It is also possible to buy authentic folk art products.

Especially useful is the "Coffee & Sweets section" at the back of the store. It is a small space, but one of Indonesia's leading souvenirs, coffee, is sold in small portions.

This corner is very useful if you need to buy souvenirs for many people.

Coffee divided into cloth boxes using traditional Indonesian patterns.

There is also a wooden box type.

By the way, if you want to buy a large size coffee, it is cheaper to buy at a supermarket in the basement of Grand Indonesia mall instead of ALUN ALUN.

ADDRESS Grand Indonesia, Grand Indonesia West Mall Lantai 3,
Jl. Mh Thamrin Kav. 28 - 30, Menteng, Kb. Melati, Kota Jakarta Pusat
TEL +62 21 23580890

Please refer to the following article about Grand Indonesia.


Pasaraya, a huge souvenir shopping mall

I will introduce one more store. It is Pasaraya (PASARAYA) in Block M area also known as Japanese entertainment district.

ALUN ALUN, which I mentioned earlier, was a shop inside a shopping mall, but Pasallaya is a whole shopping mall consisting of souvenirs.

Almost all floors and areas are souvenir shops, with the exception of some.

A bag that uses plants and plants that grow wild in Indonesia

Beautiful silver work. Indonesia is the second largest silver producer as next to China in Asia.

Indonesian contemporary art.

In Pasaraya, batik, which is a traditional garment and formal dress in Indonesia, is abundantly sold.

Batik counter which spreads over the floor.

There is a wealth of design, ranging from the traditional style batik to the so-called "modern batik" with a youth-like design.

Pasaraya can be reached by bus because it is next to Block M bus terminal, but it is easier to come by taxi because it is a famous store.

As it takes half a day to walk around the store slowly, decide what you want to buy in advance before visiting the store.

NAME Pasaraya The Pride of Indonesia
ADDRESS Nusa Indah, Melawai, Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan
TEL +62 21 7260170


Editor's Note

Both shops are huge souvenir shops that represent Jakarta.

It may be better to have some spare time so that you will not miss the flight on your way home.



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