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How to transfer from Jakarta Airport to the City


For traveling from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport to the city of Jakarta, taxis are basically convenient for travelers and business people.

This article summarizes how to take a taxi from the airport, the market price, and other notes.

Lastly, we will also describe the “Airport Railroad,” which began operating at the end of 2017.

Travelers basically take a taxi

For travelers, taxis are the best way to get from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport to the hotel or city (unless there is a pick-up on the tour).

Besides taxis, there is a bus connecting the airport and the city, but we do not recommend it in terms of difficulty and safety.

Also, in Indonesia, taxis are surprisingly cheap, so we recommend taxis in terms of cost-effectiveness.


How to take a taxi at the airport

There are two ways to take a taxi


Pay in advance at the taxi counter inside the airport and purchase a taxi ticket

After arrival, there is a taxi ticket and a corner in the arrival space between immigration and outside.

It is the official sales office of the airport, and you can purchase a "prepaid ticket" including highway charges if you tell the destination in advance.

The counter that displays TAXI in the airport building is a taxi ticket counter. The photo shows Terminal 2.

When you buy a ticket, you will be guided to the platform and will take you directly to the destination.

There is no problem with the charge because it is completely prepaid, but the charge setting is relatively expensive.

Depending on the location, it will cost approximately .250,000 to 450,000 IDR including high-speed charge.

There is no need to pay the driver a fare after boarding, but it will be smart if you pay around 5,000 IDR chips.


Catch at the taxi stand by yourselfe

Exit the airport facility after arrival and there is a taxi stand. The location of the taxi stand depends on the terminal.

The photo shows Terminal 2's Bluebird taxi stand

In recent years at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, trial and error operations have been carried out, and at one time there was a time when the platform was designated as one place so that it could not choose a taxi (around 2016).

Recently, you can choose between Bluebird and non-Bluebird.

We recommend "Bluebird Group" or "Express Group" vehicles to travelers. Please refer to the following article for details.

The fare for the meter taxi moving from the airport to the city consists of "meter charge", "Highway charge" and "airport charge".

"Meter charge" is the same as the written meaning, and is the amount displayed on the meter in the car.

“Highway charge” is a cost that is generated separately from the meter charge, and it changes depending on how far you move, but it is approximately 15,000 IDR to the center of Jakarta.

Highway charge pays to the toll booth directly when entering the highway. Currently, it is completely electronic payment. As a result, the driver pays first, and is later billed together with the fare.

You can check the amount on Highway charge because you will receive a receipt each time you make a payment.

"Airport Charge" is a system that has been officially introduced in recent years, and is charged separately for taxis departing from the airport.

Most taxi companies offer a "charge table", which generates around 7,000 to 10,000 IDR charges, depending on the area of ​​the destination.

Charges will be added to the meter charge at the last payment.


Travel time to the city and rate

As Jakarta is a large city, there are considerable differences in travel charges depending on the destination.

Assuming a move to the center of Jakarta, it will take less than an hour if the roads are not crowded.

Unfortunately it can take up to 2 hours rather than an hour if you get into a traffic jam, or 3 hours if you have a really serious traffic jam.

As for the fare, if going to the center by a meter taxi, 130,000 to 200,000 IDR is quoted (except for highway charges and airport charges).

However, if you get caught up in traffic, it will cost more than this.

If you pay in advance with a taxi ticket, there is no additional charge if you get stuck in a traffic jam.


Cautions when using an airport taxi

In the case of airport taxis, relatively safe taxis gather because they are numbered.

But you still need caution. Informal taxis may be hidden.

Here are some notes:


Beware of fake taxis

Beware of taxis that are actively talking outside taxi stands such as parking lots.

It is likely to be an unofficial taxi.

They talk to you when you leave the airport and say "Bluebird OK".


If you follow them, vehicles will stop at the parking space and the getting-off space instead of the regular taxi stand.

In many cases, these taxis do not use a meter and require an amount far beyond the regular fare.

When I came to Jakarta for the second time, there was a companion, but he was about to be a victim of fake taxis.

The fake taxi took him by saying, "Bluebird is here." But there was a white car that was not blue at all.

However, the companion was deceived by the driver who said "This is Blue Bird".

I had never been deceived because I already knew the real Bluebird, but if he had come alone he must have been deceived and charged an outrageous fee.

No matter how busy the taxi stand is, travelers should always take a taxi that departs from the official taxi stand.


Informal charge request

Although the numbers are controlled, there are quite a few drivers who try to insult travelers.

For example, there is a driver who adds an amount by a mysterious formula at the time of the last payment.

When going from the airport to the city, I think that it is mostly going to the hotel.

If you have trouble with payment, call the hotel staff for adjustment. Hotel staff are friendly to the traveler.

A little knowledge saves you


About using transportation network app

In Jakarta, the GRAB transportation network app is popular.

If you are already using GRAB overseas, you can use it at Soekarno-Hatta Airport.

In addition, the service called "GOCAR" in the transportation network app called "GOJEK" made in Indonesia can call a car like GRAB.

The transportation network app may be slightly cheaper than a taxi, but it does not change much.


Airport Railway finally launched in 2017

In Jakarta, the infrastructure of the train network is underdeveloped.

Therefore, in recent years, maintenance has progressed rapidly, and one of them is the "airport railway" that links the airport and the city.

From the newly built station at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, we are also connecting to "BNI CITY STATION" newly built in Jakarta.

Please refer to the following review article for the latest information on airport railways.



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