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How to take a taxi for sightseeing in Jakarta


Tourists will travel by taxi for sightseeing in Jakarta.

This article summarizes how to take a taxi, notes on taking a ride, and how to choose a taxi.

General rules for taxis in Jakarta

Basically, taxi rules in Jakarta are the same as international taxi rules.

Catch and take a taxi on the taxi stand or on the road, and pay the indicated price on the meter according to the travel distance and time.

The meter usually has an initial fare of around 6,500 to 7,500 IDR and will rise little by little.

If a taxi moves, the meter will go up, and the meter will go up while waiting in a traffic jam etc.

At night, the meter will rise faster as it is late-night.

If you use a Highway called TOL, or if you enter a parking lot such as an office building, you need to pay an additional charge.


Troubles common to travelers

Taxi rules are the same as international rules, but drivers have different characteristics.

There are also malicious drivers. Let's understand the problems that often occur in advance.


Change trouble

Taxis in Jakarta do not have the habit of paying fine change.

For example, if the fare is 30,000 IDR and 30,000 IDR is paid, change will not be returned in most cases.

Also, if you pay 50,000 IDR banknotes or 100,000 IDR banknotes at the same time for 27,000 IDR fares, you may not really have change.

In Indonesia, you may have to give up on change because there is an atmosphere that "a customer who doesn't have fine money is bad and can not help it".

If you are a resident, you can exchange money at a nearby stall, but it is more difficult for travelers.

When using a taxi, prepare as little as possible of 5,000 IDR, 10,000 IDR, 20,000 IDR, etc. and ride on it.



If you are identified as a traveler, you may encounter malicious detour.

It is not limited to travelers, even residents may encounter malicious detour.

It is necessary to take measures such as confirming the movement route in advance and confirming the current position with the map application.



Some drivers do not use the meter from the beginning.

When you catch a taxi, never take a taxi that does not use a taxi meter.

That will definitely be a problem.

Also, if you are charged a high amount, it is best to ask other people for help.

If you arrive at a hotel or shopping mall, please ask for security (security guard) for help.

If it is a hotel or mall in a class used by foreigners, an English-speaking staff is likely to help.

There is also a choice to fight in foreign languages and pretend to be upside down, but it is not recommended for travelers.


Preventive measures to get a taxi safely

Although security has improved in recent years, in Jakarta there is still no crime involving taxis.

If it is small, it may be a fare dodge or detour, and if it is large, it may be a robber targeting a passenger.

Please be careful about the following matters to avoid trouble.


Use an official taxi to and from a commercial facility

Taxis waiting at airports, hotels, shopping malls etc are managed numbers.

It is safer to use a taxi waiting at a commercial facility whenever possible, unless you need to get caught on the street.

Also, when returning from a restaurant etc., it is better to have the restaurant staff call a taxi.


Do not use midnight taxis on the street

It is not safe to take a taxi on the road at midnight.

It has also been reported that a drunken foreigner was targeted and taken away to a place different from the destination and robbed of money.

If you are in a commercial facility, ask the security guard to call a taxi. If you are in a restaurant, ask the restaurant staff to.


Check your current location with the map app

You can also notice on the way if you know your current location, even if you are deliberately detoured or you are about to be taken away.

If possible, make sure you understand your location with Wi-Fi and the map app.

Even if you don't understand the words, you can respond if the other party's behavior is clearly wrong.

If you feel something is wrong, please say "STOP!" And get off before going far and take measures such as switching to another taxi.


A relatively safe taxi company

Different taxi companies have different ways of managing and teaching drivers.

Although we can not guarantee 100% security, we introduce taxis that are said to be relatively safe.


Blue Bird

It is the main brand of the most trusted taxi company "Bluebird Group" in Indonesia.

Driver management is relatively thorough, and it is said that there are few malicious drivers.

It is a company that has been specially trusted so that not only travelers but also Jakarta citizens have people saying that they only ride on Bluebird.



Similar to Bluebird but not a fake brand. Pukasa is a brother brand of Bluebird.

The operation is conducted by the Bluebird Group, so it has the same trust as Bluebird.



Silver Bird

It is an executive brand for Bluebird consisting mainly of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

The driver's driving is polite and the driver can speak English.

The fare is set high, with 15,000 IDR for the first ride and 50,000 IDR for the minimum payment (as of December 2016).



Although not a Bluebird Group, Express Group is also a well-established company in the Indonesian taxi industry.

It is a taxi company that is used relatively often but not as much as Bluebird.


Editor's Note

Even if you choose a taxi company that is said to be safe, you may encounter malicious drivers.

Also, unofficial drivers may be disguising the vehicle. In fact, in the past there have been talks of crime in fake taxis.

Even if you get used to it during your stay, please do not forget to be aware that you are considered a foreigner and a traveler.



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