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Get on the subway in Jakarta! How to take MRT? [fare, ticket, timetable]


Finally in March 2019, MRT (subway) in Jakarta was opened.

In this article, I will summarize the MRT (Subway) in Jakarta for those visiting Jakarta.

Operation of Jakarta MRT is not stable yet. There are unconfirmed parts, but we plan to add them one by one.

What is Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit (JMRT)?

Simply put, it's the subway that runs the center of Jakarta.

It is a subway, but there is also a ground station depending on the section.

Jakarta's MRT plan is a project that Japan fully supported from planning stage investigation to construction.

The project started in 2013.

It was planned to be opened in 2018, but it was opened in March 2019, slightly delayed.


By the way, there are already trains running between cities in Indonesia (Japanese trains are reused).

In addition, there is also an airport railway.

In addition, a light rail transit (commonly known as LRT) is under construction at present.

It's a bit confusing, but keep the above distinctions in order to avoid confusion.

Personally, I think that the train network will become useful in earnest after LRT and MRT are connected. I would like to travel Jabodetabe by train without limit.


Jakarta MRT (Subway) section and route map (as of 2019)

The first installment of the Jakarta MRT (underground) is simply the “North-South Line”.

MRT is a straight line from Kota area in the north to South Jakarta

The blue section in the figure below, called the "first section" of the north-south line, opened in 2019.

It connects Bundalanghai (Bund. HI) in central Jakarta to Lebak Bullus in South Jakarta.



Jakarta MRT (Subway) fares and tickets, timetables, etc.

Jakarta MRT fares

MRT fares were announced at the end of March 2019, just before the general opening.

The shortest distance is 3,000 rupiah. So far the maximum distance is Rp 14,000.

It is much cheaper than Japan's JR and subway.

It seems that 50% off at OPEN commemoration in April of 2019, but for the time being it would be OK if you have the following amount image.

Reference:MRT FARE announced by PT MRT Jakarta


Jakarta MRT Tickets

To get on the Jakarta MRT, you can buy a card (ticket) called Kartu Jelajah at a ticket machine or at the station counter.


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MRT Jakartaさん(@mrtjkt)がシェアした投稿 -

Kartu Jelajah has two types, Kartu MRT Single Trip and Kartu MRT Multi Trip, and the differences are as follows.

◎Kartu MRT Single Trip is a one-way card ticket. Use it on the day you buy it.

Kartu MRT Multi Trip is a card ticket for multiple use. You can use it again and again while charging your balance.

The deposit for Single Trip is Rp 15,000.

When I told the counter staff to use Refund (Minta Refund), cash was returned (I already have confirmed).

Single Trip seems to be usable while charging for 7 days.

The Multi Trip deposit seems to be Rp 25,000, but I have not confirmed it yet. It has not been sold yet, and it seems to be adjusting.

★ For Multi Trip, I will update it if I have a chance to use it.


Besides Kartu Jelajah, the following E-bank cards can be used to pay for fares.

When I used Flazz, I was able to use it safely.

I've pasted a video how to ride MRT for reference.


Timetable of Jakarta MRT

The first train is 5:30 AM and the last train is 9:55 PM (stop at block M) from the southernmost Lebak Bulus to Bundaran HI.

I've pasted the information of the opposite direction.

The train seems to come every 10 minutes in most of the time. However, I think it will change while operating.


Note when using Jakarta MRT (subway)

As it has just been opened, the station, train and ticket gate are brand new Jakarta MRT, but some care needs to be taken when using it.

That means "Please also consider means of transportation from around the station".


What I mean is that the city of Jakarta is "a city centered on cars and motorcycles", so it does not be created as a city where pedestrians can walk and move.

This time, they also maintained the sidewalk around the station in parallel with the construction of the subway, but it still does not mean that the entire city has a sidewalk.

Around Bund.HI and BlokM, maintenance around the station is in progress, but most stations have not been advanced yet.

Unlike Singapore and Bangkok, you can not take a walk around the city using the subway, so be careful.

(If you are a resident, you can do it if you want to do it ...).

Anyway, there are many possibilities that something will change when Indonesian people experience the convenience of MRT this time.

We will continue to look forward to being able to travel by MRT without traffic jams, and to be a city where we can walk to the destination from the station.


By the way ... coverage of bad manners was scattered, but from the impression I actually used, it was quiet and comfortable on the train.



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