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Jakarta's climate and clothing for sightseeing,travel and tourism


Jakarta is located just below the equator and has a tropical climate. If you listen only here, you will get a very hot impression, but if you receive it as it is, you may mistake to choose the clothes.

Make sure you understand the climate and the environment and select the correct clothing.

There are two seasons in Jakarta: dry season and rainy season

Jakarta has an average annual temperature of 28.4 ° C, an average maximum temperature of 32 ° C, and an average minimum temperature of 24.9 ° C, and it is hot and humid all year round, but there are two seasons: dry season and rainy season.

The dry season is the period from May to October, during which the rainfall is low and the good weather continues throughout the day.If you are visiting on a trip, this is a good time to move.

The temperature is high, but there is no humidity, so it is easier to spend than the impression you receive.

In the dry season, such a sky may continue all day long.

However, let's be careful about direct sunlight because it is right below the equator.

Make sure to carry water and rehydrate frequently.

When the dry season is over, the rainy season begins and generally lasts from November to April.

During this period, it will rain like every day.

Unlike the mainland squall, Jakarta's rain lasts for a long time.Especially in January and February, heavy rains can cause a flood called Banjir.

Children in a private house playing in Banjir (flood)

Even if there is no flood, it may not be possible to move as you think because the transportation network will be paralyzed if it rains heavily.

In addition, there are also chilly nights at night as the temperature drops due to rain in the rainy season.Some Indonesians roam with long sleeves at this time.


Anyway, It is better to prepare adjustable clothing

Please be aware that it is not appropriate to come with only short sleeves, even in the tropics.It is better to bring a long sleeve that can be temperature-controlled even in the dry season, not only in the rainy season.

This is because Indonesia has very low air conditioning temperature settings, and some luxury shopping malls have temperatures set at 18 ° C.

It is cool at first when entering from the outside, but if you stay for a long time, your body may get cold.

It is very wasteful to get sick in a short stay time.Because long sleeves are useful on airplanes, prepare them.


With only shorts and sandals, the range of action can be narrowed

Even if it is hot, if you come with shorts, sandals or mules, you may not be able to get in some areas.

First of all, it is not good to expose the skin in religious places such as mosques.However, in the case of a sightseeing spot, the person of the facility may lend you something covered with feathers.

The problem is the restaurant and the bar.Indonesia is very concerned about clothes.

If you wear sandals or shorts in a high-class restaurant, bar or music club in Jakarta, you may be denied entry.In many cases, it is not possible to negotiate with chips, etc., and you will either give up entering a store or procure clothes at a nearby store.

If your travel plan includes night activities, be sure to have shoes (or sneakers OK) and pants or a skirt.By the way, shopping malls have no problem with sandals or shorts.



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