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How to take the airport railway (train) at Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta Airport【Timetable / Fare / Route Map】


At the end of 2017, the airport railway was finally completed connecting Jakarta's Soekarno-Hatta International Airport with the city area.

I've been taking a test drive, so I will summarize how to use it for future users.

Outline of Soekarno-Hatta Airport Railway

Although Jakarta has a huge population, its infrastructure has not been developed yet, but at the end of 2017, “KERETA BANDARA (hereinafter referred to as“ Airport Railway ”)” was opened at the end of 2017, linking the city with the main international airport, Soekarno-Hatta.

Immediately after the opening of the railway, there was a stoppage due to "landslides", but now it is operating energetically.

As of February 2019, the last article update date, there are five stops.

  • DURI
  • BEKASI(Number limited)

As BATU CEPER and DURI are stations where foreigners don't use very much, basically you will only use BANDARA SOEKARNO HATTA Station and SUDIRMAN BARU Station.

There will be few foreigners staying at BEKASI too.

There is the original SUDIRMAN station in the Sudriman area, but this time it has been newly expanded for the airport railway, so it is named SUDIRMAN BARU (BARU means "new"). Please note that it is also called BNI CITY station.

By the way, there are two data on google map, which is correct here.

When you turn north, the new station is on the left side of Sudirman Street (the station on the right is a conventional station).

I found the latest service timetable at the operating company TWITTER, so I will post it.

The train runs from morning to night.

From then on, I will write the atmosphere and impressions I actually used (the test drive itself is March 2018, just after the opening).


Travel around the airport by SkyTrain to "SOEKARNO HATTA Airport Station (BANDARA SOEKARNO HATTA)"

Soekarno-Hatta has "SKY TRAIN (free) for transportation between airport terminals" and "KERETA BANDARA (charged) for transportation between urban area and airport".

It is same as international airports in other countries.

The SkyTrain operates at intervals of one train every 20 to 30 minutes.

I forgot to shoot the timetable, so I borrowed it from Indonesian blogs and pasted it.


Here is a note.

When I went to the Skytrain home, I felt "a tremendous feeling of being unused" and I became uneasy, "Is it really good here?"

The cause of this unused feeling is "Because the guards block the boarding place with the rope".

But when I asked the staff, he said, "The train will come here," I believed and waited (it could only be here).

Finally, when the train comes, the guards move the ropes, and some come down first.

In the meantime, the riders are guarded by the ropes (like the front row of a concert).

Then the rope of the rider is released and we can get on.

Certainly Indonesian people are not used to the train itself, so it may be a big crowd if they do not do it.

There are a lot of staff and I feel the seriousness of the operation side.

The Skytrain is already crowded with many users. The atmosphere is the same as other international airports.


Purchase tickets at BANDARA SOEKARNO HATTA Station, be aware that cash can not be used!

After arriving at BANDARA SOEKARNO HATTA station, it is easy to understand as guidance is given to the airport railway entrance.

On the way, the government appeals to the people that "We're making the airport and working properly"  (lol).

The staff supported the buyer when I arrived at the ticket vending machine area.

It seems that the ticket vending machine breaks down frequently, they remove the board and also repair the machine.

Select REGULAR TICKET or RESERVE SEAT, and specify the train to ride.

It is REGULAR TICKET if you get on immediately.

I proceeded to the regular ticket while being asked by the staff.

I also choose the destination. It is quite easy to understand.

There is registration of phone number on the way, but there is no confirmation by SMS. You should put in the number of the mobile you usually have.

It is important to note that you can not use cash when purchasing tickets.

There are electronic money and transfer from a bank account, but if you are a non-resident foreigner you will pay with a "credit card".

At that time, I inserted my card into the card reader used in the store (this is the first time in my life).

Initially, regular fares were planned for 100,000 IDR.

However, the voice "too expensive" seemed to be strong, and as a result, the promotion price was still applied as it is and remained at 70,000 IDR.

Furthermore, at this time, a half-price campaign was conducted and 35,000 IDRs per person. cheap!

And the ticket was printed on the spot. Do not throw away this ticket as it will be used both when riding and getting off.

By the way, please note that you will not be able to buy a ticket 10 minutes before departure. Let's move with enough time.

All you have to do is wait for the train. The station yard is beautiful because it is a station that has just been completed.

There is also a machine that can automatically check in LCC.

There is a rest area where you can eat snacks (but quite expensive).


You can also charge your smartphone with USB on the train! No traffic jams! It is comfortable!

Wait for the ride time, hold the ticket and go through the gate to get home on the train

This time it was a ticket for "free seat (probably)", so I get in a vacant vehicle.

The vehicle is new and pretty clean.


Furthermore, it is fully equipped to the charge socket of USB what is between seats.

And what's great ...


There is no traffic jam.

I arrived in the city in about 50 minutes.

Upon arriving at the destination, SUDIRMAN BARU station, the station yard was clean too (though the roughness of the construction is noticeable in some places).

After arrival, if you travel by taxi or Car networking app, go down according to the "very unobtrusive sign".

Maybe because there are not enough users, the taxi does not wait, but the staff has called the taxi.

You needs to pay 5,000 IDR for TAXI driver as entering fee to station, so please do not make a fight with the drive if they ask you to pay additional fee.


Advantages and disadvantages of using airport railways

I tried to think about the merits and demerits that I felt by actually using it.

First of all, merit.



  • There is no traffic jam to the city area, and it arrives in about 50 minutes (in the case of a heavy traffic jam by car, it may exceed 3 hours ...).
  • The train is clean and comfortable (for taxis, sometimes the car gets dirty and smells).
  • You will be able to arrive safely even if you are sleeping in the train (you don't have to give the driver directions).
  • Even if you want to go to the bathroom while on the move OK (super important).

Next Demerit.


  • It takes a little time to move from the airport arrival to the airport train station.
  • Traveling in the airport is hard when there is a lot of luggage (It is easier to catch a taxi right away)
  • Not suitable for people who do not want to use a credit card abroad
  • When there are many people, taxi is cheaper (If it is taxi, it is about 150,000 IDR to the city)

The number of trains has increased compared to immediately after the start of the train, and the quality of operations has improved, so I think it is convenient.

If you have a flight in rush hour with heavy traffic, it may be a very helpful service.

I will use it again.

It's really a living hell in a car for three hours in a traffic jam from the airport ... It's a traumatic thing, Are.

Please think about the timing to use exactly depending on the time and occasion!

However, I think that it may be possible to ride about once in commemoration also in the sense of feeling the developing Jakarta.

Tickets can also be purchased from the app or website.

Next time I would like to try pre-purchase.

I also put the link of the reservation site and the app as reference information.






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Please experience traffic-free travel by airport railway!

If you want to know how to move other than airport railway, please refer to the following article.




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