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You can eat pork and beer freely in Jakarta! Ya Udah Bistro


Indonesia more severe to pigs than alcohol

About 90% of Indonesia is comprised of Muslims. And if you are a Muslim, "Sake" and "Pig" are the law.

Indonesia is often said to be more moderate to religious discipline compared to Malaysia, and in particular Jakarta is more tolerant of "sake". Of course, this depends on the region.

However, even in such a Jakarta, it is severe about "pig".

A Muslim acquaintance who drinks alcohol says, "Alcohol is excreted outside the body the next day, but pigs become blood and meat?”.

Well, let's ignore this view of religion, as it is not something we foreigners poke in.

What matters more to us foreigners than religion is that there are a lot of pork that are not delicious although their prices are expensive because they have less pig needs.

Low demand → Low competition → Sellable even if the quality is poor → Expensive and bad pork spread

The very negative spiral is inevitably happening.


Good news for foreigners with vitamin deficiency! Cheap and delicious pork restaurant, Yauda bistro

・To eat pork, is it only the way we have that we pay much money at a restaurant for foreigners and eat law quality pork?
・I can not cure canker sores due to lack of vitamin because I do not eat pig.

For the people like above, I recommend the Ya Udah Bistro in the Menteng area.

<The entrance looks like this, Bangladesh flag?>

Can we eat a wonderfully delicious pig?  It's not so, but you can get a reasonable pig at a cheap price.

Is the seasoning German-based? Either way, there are many European dishes.

If you eat pork at a restaurant for foreigners in Jakarta, one plate will lightly exceed 100,000 IDR, but if it is Uda bistro, it can be eaten at around 50,000-80,000 IDR.

<Pork sausage with nutmeg, Furmer Bratwrust 52.5 Ribu IDR>

<This was a bit hard meatal, Medallion Pork Fillet 79 Ribu IDR>

And I'm glad I can drink beer and wine!

Wine has a large capacity of 250 ml! It is probably the cheapest wine restaurant in Jakarta.

Because pig is a weapon, it seems to be working hard to send out information for foreigners, and many foreigners also visit.

<Especially, there are many Westerners in the open seat at the entrance>

There are a lot of menus, but my recommendation is "pork neck" and "poke chop".

<Anyway cheap overall>

<Anyway it's cheap>

The place is in the back of the Menten area, a little confusing.

Please visit when you want to eat a pig.

NAME:Ya Udah Bistro
ADDRESS: Jl. Johar No. 15, Kebon Sirih, Menteng, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta
TEL:(021) 39090100



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