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"Chirimenjako Rice(dried young sardines rice bowl)" in Jakarta! Sundanese restaurnt "Warung Daun"


As I am Japanese, I will miss Japanese food when living abroad. So what exactly do I miss?

  1. Sushi?
  2. Yakiniku(Grilled meat)?
  3. Sashimi?
  4. Natto?

All correct.

However, all the foods listed here can be eaten in Jakarta (although they are often expensive but not so delicious).

Since the period of life abroad has exceeded several months, I really miss everyday meals. All the casual meals I usually eat are "Japanese food" for us.

  • Want to drink miso soup of eggplant
  • Want to bite TAKUAN(yellow pickled radish)
  • Want to eat delicious white rice with simple side dish.
  • Want to eat  "Chirimenjako Rice(dried young sardines rice bowl)", etc.

If you look for these fine food items, you will find it difficult to find, and because it is imported from Japan, it may be too expensive to eat every day.

But it helps if you have a "replacement" in yourself. It is different from the original, but it will be enough to satisfy the desire.

Nasi Liwet very similar to Chirimenjako Rice

Today I will introduce "Nasi Liwet" which I ate as a substitute for Chirimenjako Rice.

It is this.

Please put up with the menu because the important picture has disappeared.

It is in the category of sunda cuisine, which is eaten in the sunda region.

It is a steamed rice cooked with small fish (this is like "JAKO") and herbs such as lemongrass.

Many Indonesian dishes have a strong taste, and there are many dishes that have strong sauce and hide the taste of the ingredients. However this Nasi Liwet taste is naive.

Is it so delicious? It is not so when I am asked, but because I can enjoy the "taste of materials" cheaper than eating Japanese food, I always eat when I see it.

You can eat in a slightly larger Indonesian restaurant, but it is best to visit a Sunda cuisine specialty restaurante.

There is a Sunda cuisine restaurant named "Warung Daun" slightly north of Lara Djonggrang, which was introduced in another article before.

Warun Daun is also clean inside the store, and sometimes foreigners come to the store.

The price is not so high, so it can be used on a daily basis.

Nasi Liwet can be enjoyed from 35 Ribu IDR.

Besides Nasi Liwet, you can also enjoy dishes other than Sunda such as fried fish and Satay Bali.

Fried fish.

Satay Bali.

Remember this restaurant if you want to eat Chirimen jako rice. Because buying Chirimen jako in the supermarket is so expensive.

ADDRESS: Jl. Cikini Raya No.26, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10330
TEL:(021) 3910909



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