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TANPOPO RAMEN PONDOK INDAH, a Japanese-style stall where you can drink alcohol in Jakarta


There is a traditional Kaki lima stand in Indonesia. There are Kaki lima everywhere in Jakarta, and it is full of people when it is time to eat.

Please refer to the following entry for Kaki lima.

Actually, there is a stand like Kaki lima in my home country of Japan.

To my surprise, a Japanese-style stall has already opened in Jakarta.

You can drink beer because it is Japanese style.

A red light stall seen along the streets of Gandaria

The place is a little side of Gandaria city.

It is on the main road Jl.Sultan Iskandar Muda.

As you run along the road you will see a festive red light.

What is the festive atmosphere seen in that large parking lot? ?

This is the Japanese restaurant Warung "TANPOPO RAMEN" opened in Jakarta.

A Japanese chef who has a career as a cook in Japan produces TANPOPO RAMEN.

Because it is produced by the Japanese, it differs from ordinary Indonesian warung.






Menus that you can order casually like Japanese festivals

Not only the atmosphere but also the taste and the price are great.

Oden can be ordered from a single product 5,000 IDR.

Yakiniku and ramen can also be enjoyed at around 30,000 IDR.

They also sell beer, so you can enjoy casual drinking in the middle of Jakarta with a beer in one hand.

We visited with two people this time.

I enjoyed canned beer while eating yakiniku.

Here are some of the menus.


Salmon Sushi / Rp. 35,000

This is not a permanent menu, but I tried salmon sushi.

The fillet was thick and delicious.

I do not know if I can eat now ....


Oden / Rp. 5,000 ~

Speaking of stalls, oden is important. Price is reasonable from 5,000 IDR.

But please don't underestimate.

This oden is very delicious!

There is a smell of carefully-cooked Japanese DASHI.

It feels a little smoked, so is it a bonito?

And the soup is soaking in firmly.

There is no difference to that when you eat it at IZAKAYA in Japan.


Yakiniku a la carte / Pr. 30,000

On this day, we were able to choose from among the following.

  • Short rib US
  • WAGYU hamburg
  • Chicken thigh

I chose short rib and Japanese beef hamburg.

At first we ate from the short rib.


There are 5 pieces of meat cut for grilled meat.

The taste of the meat was definitely fat because it was selected for yakiniku.

I feel an appetite, probably because of the far-infrared effect of charcoal, or the atmosphere of the Japanese SHICHIRIN style.

There is not much Japanese-style "Self-YAKINIKU" because Indonesia has a strong awareness that "If you pay at a restaurant, it is natural to have a service."

Even though the dining room at YAKINIKU Restaurant has a nice stove and smoke exhaust system, it is often the case that meat cooked in the kitchen is provided without using these systems.

This "SHICHIRIN self-style" made me happy.


This is what arrived next.

It is WAGYU hamburg.

About 10 minutes to wait while wrapped in an aluminum box .........

Under the judgment of the clerk, I will strengthen the firepower because cooking is still not enough.

We use the prickly wind to blow in and strengthen the firepower.

And finished! This taste is the best.

I can not express myself in my vocabulary, but it is a Japanese-style hamburger with a light taste and proper use of the taste of meat.

I can't believe this can be eaten at 30,000 IDR ... but I can eat it.

YOU MUST TRY, an Indonesian-style HARUS COBA item.


Editor's NOTE

The scenery of the stalls in Japan was spread on my table.


The light of a warm stall open quietly in the bustle of Jakarta.

The nice thing is that this is not only the appearance but also the delicious taste.

Please come and join with your colleagues and friends after work.



ADDRESS: no. 99E, Arteri Pondok Indah, Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda, Kby. Lama, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta, インドネシア
TEL:+62 877-7758-3858



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