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"Takumi Robata and Sushi" a full-fledged JAPANESE ROBATAYAKI in Jakarta


Even though I know that I am abroad, I sometimes want to eat Japanese food.

I'm fine even if I'm away from my friends and family, but I just can't help eating it.

Although I am relatively accustomed to the local environment, I think I can not forget the taste of Japan after all.

But here is overseas.

Moreover, it is an emerging country and a southern country.

I can not eat Japanese food in the same way as Japan.

There are many Japanese restaurants that imitate only the atmosphere, as Chinese Indonesians do, but if you go to a restaurant run by a Japanese, there is not always a good food.

To be precise, though it is not bad, the price and taste may not match.

For example, it is necessary to pay $ 60 in Jakarta even if it is taste that can be eaten for $ 30 in Japan.

Because the ingredients are expensive, this can not be helped.

However, in such a background, there is a Japanese restaurant that lets you eat delicious Japanese food.

It is "Takumi Robata and Sushi" in the golf course of Senayan.

The word ROBATA comes from ROBATA-YAKI, one of the Japanese food styles.

ROBATA-YAKI is a style of a Japanese restaurant that cooks ingredients in front of customers.

Since it has been in business since 2013, many people may know it.

It is not a cheap restaurant, but you can enjoy the taste commensurate with the price.

This is the entrance.

A spacious space welcomes you when you enter. And, after all, the feature of this restaurant is this hearth.

It is a serious Japanese-style hearth.

There is a counter that encloses the hearth, and there is the beautifully displayed with sake on the counter.

And, speaking of ROBATA-YAKI, it's just this wooden spoon.

It is the fun of ROBATA-YAKI that cocks serve dishes with shout of “here you are!” using a wooden spoon, but I could not see it today,  because I sat at the table by the window on this day.

Well, the chat ends and talks about cooking.

Originally ROBATA-YAKI is a style developed in the fisherman town of Japan.

Therefore, this restaurant TAKUMI also has a strong commitment to fish.

On this day, there were menus such as "Kinki from Hokkaido (1,420,000 IDR)" and "Japan Marine Skull (1,350,000 IDR)", which are fish shipped directly from Japan.

But this time only I am a drinker. I can not order high-class fish just for me.

While having a beer, we ate a bit more order-friendly meal.

But everything is delicious.

Salmon salad (95,000 IDR).

Ankimo, monkfish liver (120,000 IDR)

Sushi of amberjack (38,000 IDR) and salmon (30,000 IDR)

Grilled large prawns (120,000 IDR)

And, Grilled beef with leaves and miso, unofficial menu (?).

We received this as a complement. This taste has not been eaten in Jakarta ..., so it was a fragrant miso.

I reaffirmed that the delicate taste of Japanese food is good.
Use fresh ingredients and enjoy the taste of the ingredients.
Isn't this a joy as a Japanese?

NAME:Takumi Robata and Sushi
ADDRESS:JL. Asia Afrika Pintu IX, Senayan National Golf Club, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta
TEL:(021) 5710181
OPERATION HOURS: 11:30 AM - 3:00 PM, 5:30 PM - 11:00 PM



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