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Midnight Jakarta Sweets, Sweet Hut in PIK


As you know, Indonesians love sweets.

Regardless of time, there is a tendency to eat sweets regardless of time.

As a matter of course, my acquaintance Indonesians eat ice and cake before meals, and eat pancake instead of breakfast.

This time, I write a story that they communicate with sweetness instead of alcohol.

After Parth is not alcohol but with sweets

The other day, there was an event of a group and I was invited to a dinner party at a restaurant.

Sing songs, eat rice and cakes.

Of course there is no alcohol there (in Indonesia, even a wedding will not have alcohol).

The meeting ended after about 3 hours, but the participants seemed to be short of talk.

Yes, it's Friday NIGHT, 10 o'clock.

The members who don't talk are all out for the night town.

I was curious about where they were going, and it took me about 30 minutes by car to eat sweets.

The place is Pandai Indah Kapuk, commonly known as PIK.

PIK is an area that is closer to Soekarno-Hatta Airport than Jakarta and prospering as a source of food trends.


Sweet Hut, a great success sweets cafe even at midnight on Friday

We arrived here, Sweet Hut.

For a moment, is it a Taiwan brand? In fact, it was a sweetie who came from Malaysia.

It was also fresh that everyone moved to PIK as if to go drinking on Friday night, but it was even more surprising that there were more people.

Outside terraces and inside seats are almost full.

Couples, friends, families, old men's gatherings, etc. just like old and young men and women on Friday night gather to eat sweets by car.

The experience was fresh to me of Japanese. Because in Japan it was normal to make a noise while drinking beer on Friday night.

Indonesians enjoy sweets on Friday, not alcohol.

Furthermore, the amount of orders is huge.

One person orders one sweet.

This is a shop recommended coconut pudding,

Apricot tofu

Papaya & Jelly etc.



The price range depends on the menu but it is roughly 20,000-60,000 IDR.

Since it is open until midnight, you may drive to PIK at night when you really want to eat sweets at night.

NAME:Sweet Hut PIK
ADDRESS: Rukan Cordoba Blok E No.12, Jl. Marina Indah, Paitai Indah Kapuk, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta



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