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Melbourne's Third Wave Cafe in Jakarta, St. ALI


I love coffee.

I will probably die if I do not drink coffee at least a day.

Such an Indonesian acquaintance who knows the character of the author said, “A super stylish cafe from Australia is coming along and prosperous every day, you have to go.”

I've been there.

A stylish third wave cafe from Australia!

The place is in a commercial facility called Setiabudi One facing Jl. Rasuna Sahid.

This area is an office district.

Recently, stylish cafes such as "Peoples Café" have been created, but in my recognition, Setiabudi One was an image of a food court with practical restaurants rather than fashionable places.

Huh? Is there a stylish cafe in such a place? I was skeptical, but I was surprised to go.


Seriously fashionable.


There was an open café like a huge garage customized to a café.

It seems to read Saint ali under the name ST. ALI.

According to my research, it looks like a popular cafe in Australia as a popular "third wave cafe".

I like coffee, but because I specialize in "drinking", I was lacking in the latest information in this field and I did not know at all about this cafe.

If you look at it briefly, you may find out that food bloggers in Indonesia also introduce this cafe, and it seems that it was the first landing of the super attention cafe.

At this cafe, it is possible to blend the beans that are searched from all over the world, and to carefully make a full cup.

I tried to open the menu.

Certainly, you can find coffee with different blending ratios.

This time I ordered Long Black, a standard coffee, as the first order.

60% is a blend of Kenyan beans and 40% is a blend of beans called Irgachev.

Kenya seems to have a berry flavor, and Irgachev has a citrus scent.

As far as I checked, it seems to be a coffee with a sour taste that I like.

And here is what came out.

I felt a rich color and smell that I could not think of long black.

Yes, it may be a taste that is difficult to find in other cafes.

If you want a complex taste for coffee, it's probably worth trying.

Conversely, those who like simple tastes may not like much.


It is co-operated with a fashionable cafe brand in Indonesia

I did not try this time, but the meal menu is also abundant.

Considering Indonesia's average prices, the price range is quite high.

That's right, this store is co-operated with the famous Indonesian cafe brand "Common Grounds Coffee and Roastery" in Ciry Walk.

Common Grounds Coffee and Roastery is also super bullish pricing, but is flourishing with foreigners and local elite class customers.

In fact, the atmosphere is very similar.

The third wave.

It looks like a cafe for young people, but ordinary uncles and aunts also enjoyed coffee.

※ In my brain, in Japan, this kind of cafe is a sanctuary where men and women who insist on the style of “we live carefully” gather.

At that point, I thought it would be nice to enjoy coffee easily. I often go to the location Setidabudi one, so next time I will try other menus as well.

There is something to tell you at the last.

Please note that business hours are short.

NAME:ST ALi Jakarta
ADDRESS: Jl. Hr. Rasuna Said Blok Kav No.10, Kecamatan Setiabudi, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta



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