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SHIROKUMA JAPANESE CAFE, if you miss "ANKO(finely mashed red-bean paste)"


Indonesian sweets are very sweet. As it is a national character that likes sweetness, there is no sense of moderate sweetness.

In addition, consumers do not care too much if it contains synthetic colorings and chemical seasonings.

I often see rainbow-colored bread and sweets. These sweets may be rejected by consumers if they are in Japan,

Japanese sweets were delicious ...

I came to feel here really.

I miss the sweetness of the natural and gentle atmosphere….

Especially I am missing ANKO(finely mashed red-bean paste) and MATCHA(green powdered tea) taste sweets.

Do you think so too? Please rest assured. You can also enjoy ANKO and MATCHA in Jakarta.

SHIROKUMA JAPANESE CAFE opened by Indonesians who was touched by MATCHA in JAPAN


It is not Japanese capital. The owner is an Indonesian woman. When the owner visited Japan, She was moved by "Japanese sweets" and finally opened a Japanese sweets cafe in Jakarta.

Originally, the first store was opened in PIK (Pantai Indah Kapuk) near the airport of Soekarno-Hatta, like the "City of Food".

It quickly became a topic, and then opened the second store in Grand Indonesia, a leading mall in central Jakarta.

Well, I am going to wirhte about the main taste.

As the owner who knows the taste of Japan properly started, it tastes in Japan.

Matcha ice cream has proper sweetnes and I can feel smale bitter taste.

The SHIRATAMA(white dumpling) and ANKO ZENZAI(ANKO paste) are not so sweet and also not boring.

Ice cream is quite colorful because it is Indonesia. The appearance is not strong because it uses a pastel color.。

I will talk about the price.

It is not cheap for Indonesians. However, considering that they use unusual ingredients such as ANKO and MATCHA, it may be cheap.

ZANZAI(31,000 IDR)+MATCHA soft cream(12,000 IDR)+Additional SHIRATAMA(5,000 IDR), total price is 48,000 IDR.

Soft cream 4 layers are 20,000 IDR.

Well, I didn't get a photo this time, but here you can see another interesting thing.


It is cotton candy.

I got a photo from the shop's official web. In fact, the products offered in the shop will feel much bigger than the photos.

A cotton candy that is larger than the face comes with something like espresso.

You put the espresso on cotton candy from above.

Finally, cotton candy dissolves in the espresso and becomes a complete drink.

This process will be interesting to Indonesians.

I have not eaten yet, but next time I would like to try.

↓ is the information of PIK store.

ADDRESS: Ruko Crown Golf Blok A No. 32, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14460
TEL:(021) 29237523

It's also in Grand Indonesia. The picture I used this time is a picture of this store.

ADDRESS:Grand Indonesia Mall, Lantai 3A, West Mall, Jl. MH Thamrin, Thamrin, Jakarta

They are opening more stores in other places, so please search on Google.



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