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This is the Best 11 Japanese Ramen (Noodles) in Jakarta Recommended by Japanese


Japanese people really loves Ramen(Japanese Noodles).

To be glad, Japanese ramen restaurants have also increased overseas. There are many in Jakarta, too.

However, in the case of Jakarta, there are a wide variety of ramen shops such as shops operated by Japanese companies, shops operated by Indonesian Chinese, and shops no longer able to judge.

It is natural that this is Indonesia, but there are many shops that can not be called Japanese ramen because they are too adjusted for the taste for Indonesia.

In this article, as a Japanese, I will introduce a Japanese ramen restaurant that I can really recommend in Jakarta, based on the opinions I ate.


I write a pig shop separately so that even Muslims can understand it.

First is pork-based ramen.

There are some pork-based shops where you can eat ramen other than pork.


【PORK】Echigoya Ramen

Photo from ZOMATO


Echigoya who enters the category of long-established in Jakarta Ramen.

After drinking beer, you will want to eat noodles full of oil, right?

Echigoya's ramen is a product that answers that old man's needs.

There are two stores, Block M and Citywalk, and the location conditions are suite with the movement of the people who drink.

Echigoyano's recommended ramen would be a ramen that lard was riding on, named KOTTERI-RAMEN.

The tabletop also has garlic, so if you have no promise to meet people the next day, eat plenty of garlic topped.

Here is the information for Block M Store.

ADDRESS: JL.Melawai 8 No.2A, Jakarta Selatan
TEL:+62 21-739-5962
OPERATION HOURS:11:00 AM - 11:00 PM (They have a break in the afternoon)



Photo from ZOMATO

BARIUMA Ramen has more than 40 stores in Japan, and has finally arrived in Indonesia following Hong Kong, Macao and Malaysia.

In Jakarta, they first landed on Citywalk, and then have stores in Setiabudi's Setiabudi One and Lippo Mal in West Jakarta.

Taste is safe and gentle among the ramen chosen this time, but there is a reason to pick it up.

In fact, their "curry ramen" is quite delicious.

Curry ramen is hardly found in other shops?

Initially it was a limited time, but there are still occasions when you can eat.

There are times when the topping's eggplant is burnt, but the rest is delicious.

Please try.

And I would like BARIUMA to continue with curry ramen (but I want you to improve the eggplant).

[Added on MAR 2018]

BARIUMA RAMEN is actively developing stores, but it is unconfirmed whether curry ramen is currently served. If you are going, please do not be disappointed even without curry ramen.

There are red dishes for pork menu in the store and black dishes for non-pork menu.

Please do not eat pork-based ramen with black dishes even if you make a mistake (for Muslims)!

Here is the store information of Setiabudi one. Please check other store information on the official site.

ADDRESS:Lantai 1 Unit A206-A207、Setiabudi One、Jl. H. R. Rasuna Said
TEL:++62 21 5257376



FUJIYAMA 55 is a ramen restaurant with a short history in Jakarta.

It is in the small commercial facility called LOFT (Little Osaka Fatmawati) where Japanese-style restaurants gather in the Fatmawati area where the MRT station recently opened.

The feature of FUJIYAMA 55 is a huge amount of toppings. Cabbage, bean sprouts, garlic are piled high on ramen. This type of ramen is called JIRO in Japan.

The restaurant is located in an area with many Japanese people, so the taste is the same as Japanese ramen.

If you like Japanese ramen, you should definitely eat it once.

NAME:FUJIYAMA 55 Ramen Indonesia
ADDRESS:Jl. RS Fatmawati, RT.3/RW.10, Cilandak Bar., Cilandak, Kota Jakarta Selatan



Photo from official site MENYA SAKURA


MENYA SAKURA is an oil soba restaurant from Nagoya City, Japan.

In Indonesia, they offer unique menus such as Tsukemen, Vegetable Tsukemen, etc., focusing on pork ramen.

The taste of this shop is also mild overall.

There is an opinion that the taste has changed from the early stage of store opening, but it is probably the result of localization, because Indonesians are not good at ramen with a strong taste.

But as a result, this store is always full of local customers.

The exception is "Spicy Kucai Mazesoba", which is a very intense and impressive seasoning.

If you are not good with hard food, be careful as your sore will hurt next day.

Here I will describe the Lotte Avenue store information I often visit.

NAME:Menya Sakura
ADDRESS:Lotte Shopping Avenue, Lantai 2,2F-02A Ciputra World 1,Jl.Prof. Dr.Satrio Kav 3-5
TEL:+62 21 298 89256



It is a ramen shop located a little off the main street of Block M in central Jakarta.

As it is open until late at night, it is also a place where Japanese expatriates gather in search of "thick taste ramen" at night.

The atmosphere of the shop is like the old "Chinese restaurant" in Japan. It also sells alcohol, so it can be used as an IZAKAYA.

There are several repertoires for ramen, but basically recommended one is a DOUBLE SOUP type, mixed with pork-based & seafood-based .

If you eat once, heavy taste will come to the stomach and you will feel a little regret coz oh heaviness... but you will come again ... it is such a fascinating taste.

NAME:Yoiko ramen
ADDRESS:Jl. Mahakam No.11, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
TEL: +62 21-722-1691
→WEEK DAY 6:00 PM - 2:00 AM
→SAT 11:00 AM - 2:00 AM
→SUN, HOLIDAY 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM



Photo from official site TABUSHI


"Tabusushi" is famous among people who like ramen in Japan. It is also in Jakarta.

Some shops have closed but now you can eat in BSD's AEON Mall.

[Added on March 2018 ] The BNI store seems to have closed.

[Added on APR 2018] The shop in Mangabusar also closed.

The main feature of TABUSHI is the bonito soup.

A combination of pork and bonito soup creates a taste that can not be experienced in other shops.

Ordinary ramen is also delicious, but what I like is bonito flavor TSUKEMEN.

The hardness of the noodles is just right.

Of course, the soup is also delicious, and it has a tastefulness that it can be drunk until the end.

There were some stores, but most of the stores have been closed.

Here is the information on AEON Mall stores in BSD. This has become the only remaining "TABUSHI" in Jakarta ....

NAME:Ramen Tabushi
ADDRESS:Jl. BSD Raya Utama, Pagedangan, Tangerang, Banten 15345
TEL: (021) 29168085
OPERATIN HOURS:10:00 AM - 10:00 PM



Photo from official site IPPUDO


One of the most famous ramen shops in Japan.

In Indonesia, you can eat in high-end shopping malls like Pacific Place and Central Park.

The taste is slightly adjusted for Indonesia, but it is delicious enough.

Excellent sense of stability.

I feel relieved. I like AKAMURA RAMEN.

Here we write the information of Pacific Place store.

ADDRESS:Pacific Place Lt. 5, Unit 5.37, SCBD、Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53
TEL:+62 21 57973339
OPERATIN HOURS:10:00 - 10:00


【PORK】Tsurukamedou Ramen

Tsurukamedou Ramen is one of the old ramen restaurants in Jakarta.

They have long been operating in the area of West Jakarta where many Chinese people live, but now there also have a shops in the mall of PIK.

The taste is super straight Hakata Tonkotsu ramen.

You can also top it up with "TAKANA (a name of vegetables)". Please keep in mind that TAKANA has a rather hot seasoning.

NAME:Tsurukamedou Ramen
ADDRESS:Jl. Ratu Kemuning Raya Blok A2 No. 8A, Jakarta, RT.12/RW.13, Duri Kepa, Kb. Jeruk, DKI Jakarta
TEL:(021) 56940712
OPERTING HOURS:11:00 AM - 10:00 PM



Next is other than pork-based.

It is a ramen shop of chicken and seafood soup.


【Shrimp】 ICHIGEN

Photo from official site ICHIGEN


ICHIGEN is a shrimp ramen shop that originated in Sapporo, Hokkaido.

It is a very unique soup, so it became a trend when ICHIGEN landed in Tokyo a long time ago.

In Jakarta there is AEON Mall BSD.

This soup can not be told without eating it, but it smells of prawns quite strongly.

The taste may be slightly different from ordinary Japanese ramen. But these salt-based ramen are also popular in Japan.

My recommendation is shrimp salt soba. I believe salt is the seasoning that brings out shrimp flavor the most.

NAME:Ebisoba Ichigen
ADDRESS:AEON Mall, Lantai 3, Ramen Village, Jl. BSD Raya Utama, Serpong, Tangerang
TEL:+62 813-1872-6045



Photo from official site MARUTAMA


MARUTMA ramen offering chicken soup (TORI-PAITAN).

They are also aggressive in expanding overseas and have stores in Asian countries.

It is also popular among Indonesians.

The reason is its soft and mild taste.

As already stated, the strong taste of ramen that Japanese boys prefer is actually not acceptable in Indonesia.

Indonesian food has a very strong taste, but somehow it is not acceptable in Indonesia if the taste of ramen is strong.

If I would like to express the taste of MARUTMA ramen, I would describe it as "mild" taste.

I do not get tired of eating from the beginning to the end.

In addition, "Tamago (EGG)" here is excellent.

You can not taste that softness in other shops.

There are also several stores in various locations in Jakarta, but here we will provide information on the central Plaza Sunayan store.

NAME:Marutama Central Senayan
ADDRESS:Sentral Senayan 1, Lantai Basement, Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8, Senayan
TEL: +62 21 5724050



Photo from official site SEIROCK-YA


Japan's SEIROCK-YA also sells pork bone ramen, but in Indonesia it only offers chicken ramen.

Currently, they have already obtained halal certification, and are now very popular stores loved by Muslims.

Although it is a chicken-based soup, it is thick and creamy. Also, not only the soup but also the noodles are delicious.

I like the noodles here most.

The Radiodalem store is the main store. There are also AEON Mall stores and other places.

ADDRESS:Jl. Radio Dalam Raya No.9 RT 08 / RW 02、Kel. Gandaria Utara, Kec. Kebayoran Baru
TEL:+62 21 29126281


Editor's Note

The taste of ramen varies according to personal preference.

So I do not have a ranking format, but my favorite is "SEIROCK-YA", and if you go drinking, it is "YOIKO".

I hope this article helps to support the ramen life of Jakarta residents and business people.



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