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Pokenbir, a recommended pork restaurant in Setiabudi in Jakarta


Indonesia is a country with many Muslims, and eating PORK is a contraindication for many people.

Therefore, one of the biggest problems in living in Indonesia is "pork shortage."

The frequency of eating pork is overwhelmingly reduced.

And what happens if you can't eat pork?

Yes, it is difficult to cure canker sores. In other words, vitamin B is not enough.

This isn't a joke, and it will break your physical condition, right?

Furthermore, if you like alcohol, being unable to eat "pork" that is compatible with alcohol will be quite painful.

With this background, it is very important for foreigners living in Jakarta to know in which restaurants we can eat pork.


In the past, I introduced a popular pork restaurant named Ys Udah Bistro in the past.

This time, I will introduce you to the recommended pork restaurant in Jakarta.

Pokenbir, a pork restaurant located in an office building in Setiabudi in Kuningan

Its name is "Pokenbir".

It is located on the 1st floor of a very beautiful office building called Lippo Kuningan in the Kuningan area.

The restaurant is located a little deep inside and you can see the entrance  at the end of a long walkway.

At the time of the review, it was not yet well known among Indonesians (as of 2016 writing).

The reason is that they are still open, but they are not actively promoting.

They seem to have a policy that if they serve delicious food they can spread their word of mouth.

It is a restaurant that is stubborn in a good sense.

The store is clean and very calm.

There are also wines and beers that are compatible with pork.


It is in Central Jakarta, but the price is cheap! Just a haven of pork

This Pokenbir is loved by people who like pork so that it is entitled "Pork Heaven" by an Indonesian word of mouth.

The reason is the low price.

Although half size, pork dishes can be eaten from 45,000 IDR. Even the rice stuff is around 50,000 IDR. Furthermore, alcohol is also cheap.

Bintang beer is 32,000 IDR.

How conscientious pricing is on the contrary to the interior?

Usually, if this interior is decorated in this area, you will get a bit more.

I will introduce the dishes I ate for reference.

・Assorted pork!


Bak kut (55 R)

This is a little sour soup of Chinese origin.

It is recommended from the Indonesian who accompanied me.

There is pork in it, but the accent of vegetables is stronger than pork.

The crunchy of vegetables remains firmly and it is very delicious.

It was a taste that can not be eaten at other shops.


Ceasar Salad Half(42 R)

Caesar salad is simply the taste of the Caesar salad.

Indonesian caesar salad sometimes comes out with strange smell "misunderstanding caesar", but it is delicious without such a thing.


Mix Platter (200 R)

This dish is the recommended menu at this restaurant.

The menu subtitle is "Everything about pork in here".

The clerk asked me, "If you eat with three people, it's just the right size," and this plate came out.


So BIG!!

This plate is about 25 cm in diameter.

This is sweetly seasoned bacon.

This is Pork Satay.

Roasted pork block meat and salted bacon.

After all, I did not eat it all and took it back about 1/3.

The taste is a little light taste.

Honestly, it's less juicy than a Japanese pork restaurant, but it's a very thankful restaurant, considering this price and that it's Jakarta.

Drink a glass of beer and juice each and a total of 450,000 IDR (150,000 IDR per person) including VAT and service charge.

The Indonesian team accompanied was also surprised at this price.

It is nice that it is cheap! !

If you are hungry for pork, why not try to have beer and wine at Pokenbir while clinging to pork?

By the way! Please note that all seats are non smoking. You can not smoke unless you go out of the building.



ADDRESS: Lippo Kuningan, Jl. HR Rasuna Said, Setiabudi, Jakarta
TEL: 021 2911 0145



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