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Chocolate cafe for mature adults, Pipiltin


For us foreigners, Indonesian desserts often feel too sweet.

Indonesia traditional sweets made with rice are not too sweet, but cakes and chocolates made in Indonesia are basically too sweet.

I also occasionally see rainbow colored desserts that contain plenty of coloring, to suit the tastes of Indonesians who like colorful things.

Really, it is too sweet no matter what you eat ... A wall where all foreigners living in Jakarta meet.

However! Little by little, there are shops that offer "adult sweetness".

Chocolate shop for adults, pipiltin

The shop I visited when I was thinking of enjoying tea slowly with less sweet sweets like Japan, was Pipiltin in the Senopati area of Jakarta.

This shop uses cocoa beans from Indonesia as raw materials and offers carefully prepared chocolate confectionery made in Indonesia.

In fact, Indonesia is the world's third largest producer of cocoa beans. Iin Asia, the production volume is the top.

Indonesian cocoa beans are also used in the world's famous chocolate brands. There is no doubt that it will be a very delicious chocolate if you make it properly.

the outside looks like this.

People are coming by car for delicious chocolate.

The showcase is lined with cake and chocolate.

I've never tried cake, but it looks a bit sweeter, looking at it.

Chocolate is modestly sweet.

I ate with this chocolate and was impressed that such chocolate could be eaten in Indonesia.

Another Egg "NO" is a chocolate with a fried egg.

In fact, this is thick jelly made from fresh mango, not fried egg.

The part that looks white is white mousse.

It looks like a chocolate-coated boiled egg when placed on a plate.

When eaten, it's delicious, chocolate, mousse and jelly mix together.

I'm especially happy that chocolate does not contain much sugar.


Store Information

The store is not large, but you can also enjoy it at the table.

Please visit us if you want to eat chocolate that is not too sweet.

ADDRESSS: Jalan Senopati No.27, Kebayoran Baru, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12190
TEL:(021) 36446914

There are other stores, so please ask Google.


【Add at Mar, 2018】

Pipiltin has become a very famous brand and has recently come to ask for names in various places. I had wonderful eyes found before they became famous, haha.

In particular, it should be noted that Pipiltin's special shop is located in Grand Indonesia's famous souvenir shop "Alun Alun".

I thought this was a pop-up store for temporary events, but it's been a permanent store as we have been seeing it for over a year.

Finally, Pipilipin was recognized as "Indonesia representative chocolate".

One piece of chocolate is about 60,000 IDR, so it is a particularly high-class item considering Indonesian market prices, but I think it is unique and wonderful as a souvenir from Indonesia.

Please refer to article about Alun Alun.




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