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Jakarta's best Nasi Goreng stand, Nasi Goreng Kebuli Apjay Pak Ivan


There are a lot of delicious dishes in Indonesian cuisine, but I would say Nasi Goreng as a representative.

At first glance it looks like just a fried rice (it's actually fried rice), but it has a deep taste world.

Above all, this time I introduce Nasi Goreng "excellent".

The taste of nasi goreng is all the same? Don't you think?

I want you to eat it tonight.

Very popular stand, Nasi Goreng Kebuli Apjay Pak Ivan

The store operates as a street food stall. Its name is Nasi Goreng Kebuli Apjay Pak Ivan.

It is located in Jl panglima Polim 9 around the middle of the Block M and Dharma Wansa area.

There is always a large number of customers despite sales only at night.

I was taken by a friend and waited for about an hour when I first visited.

After that, when I visit again, I always wait for 20 to 30 minutes.

That should be it, because this shop is actually a very famous shop.

If you search for Nasi goreng paling enak di jakarta (the most delicious Nasi Goreng in Jakarta) or nasi goreng terbaik di jakarta (the best Nasi Goreng in Jakarta), you can find many articles that recommend this store .

Apjay is not the owner's name, but it stands for Apotek Jaya.

There used to be a pharmacy named Apotek Jaya, as it used to be, and it remains in the name as a name to indicate the location.

The pharmacy is now a store called Century (from the article in Indonesia).


Recommendation is Nasi Goreng Kanbing (Goat Meat Nasi Goreng) topped with Telor Dadar (Omelet)

How to order is simple.

You just grab the storekeeper and order directly.

Even if it becomes such a popular shop, the shopkeeper always stands in the shop.

The shopkeeper continued to calculate money

I think there is also a reason that money accounts can not be entrusted to young people, but at the same time I felt the spirit of the businessmen from the shopkeeper.

There are several menu choices, but the specialty is Nasi Goreng Kanbing Bunbu Keburi (Goat Meat Spice Nasi Goreng).

In addition, it is recommended to top the Telor Dadar (Omelet).

Staff will respond to orders going from one to the next.

Eggs are consumed at a tremendous speed.

It is the style of a stall that dumps the shell as it is. It's a crowd that doesn't even have time to actually clean it.

According to a friend's analysis, this fat might be a secret of taste.

The package is a camel mark, but the content is goat fat.

And here is the finished goat meat Nasi Goreng.

It looks normal, but it won't stop if you eat a bite.

The spice works well and it goes into the stomach

I always buy this nasi goreng for breakfast after drinking, but I always eat it before going to bed. I just wanted to taste a little ...




Please note that it is not open during the day.

You can order with GoFood, but I think it would be better to eat something just made after seeing it being made personally.

Even if you are scared to eat at the stalls, I would like you to try only this Nasi Goreng.


By the way, please be aware that if you search on Google Map, different places will appear (close but slightly different places will appear).

Also, please be aware that there are fakes that only have the same name.


Please refer to the map below for the original. Alphamart is the mark (they are open at the parking lot).

NAME Nasi Goreng Kebuli Apjay Pak Ivan



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