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Rich TAKOYAKI (Takoyaki) comes to Jakarta! NARUTO TAKOYAKI in block M is really delicious!


ADD at 1st APR 2019 : NARUTO TAKOYAKI is closing and preparing for moving now.

When I came to Jakarta, I searched for Japanese foods such as Takoyaki and rice balls. But there was nothing delicious.

Because I had such experience, I did not eat Takoyaki in Jakarta, but the Takoyaki restaurant opened recently at BLOK M was different from those Takoyaki restaurants.

Naruto Takoyaki, where you can eat Japanese Takoyaki

The shop is in the back of Block M.

The name is Naruto Takoyaki.

Perhaps they got the name from that famous Japanese cartoon.

The store is simple and small. Their product list is complete and only Takoyaki is sold.

This simplicity makes it feel like a traditional Takoyaki restaurant.

There are many Takoyaki shops with this kind of atmosphere in Japan. We stop by at work or school and eat like snacks.


Full-fledged Takoyaki of Japanese supervision

The atmosphere is simple, but the taste of Takoyaki here is quite rich and gourmet Takoyaki.

There are a lot of fried balls inside, and the takoyaki dough has something sweet and fruity.

I thought, "This is different from Takoyaki in Jakarta ...". Then that should be it. Japanese people are in charge of development and quality control as advisors.

This takoyaki is delicious even if you compare with one in Japan.

The equipment used to bake Takoyaki is also solid.

We introduce "Takoyaki" which we ate this time. The currency is IDR.


Takoyaki (M size-6pcs) / 30,000 IDR

The outside is crispy and the inside is creamy.

And the taste of this mayonnaise is .... Kewpie of Japanese brand!

The octopus is also big and has a texture! If you go fast with one bite, you will definitely get burned!

This is Real Takoyaki!

Not only the momentum, I can feel that there is a solid taste in the dough when you eat.

This is "Gourmet Takoyaki".

If I can eat this delicious Takoyaki at this price, I would like to eat twice a week.


Takoyaki Pedas (S size-3pcs) / 21,000 IDR

The Pedas (HOT) topping is +3,000 rupiah.

I think people who live in Indonesia will understand…you can feel the taste of pepper inside. They use a real pepper.

The pungent explodes in the mouth within 5 seconds of eating.

By the way, there is also "Takoyaki Ampung (forgive me in Indonesian, meaning)", but I did not have the courage to try this ... I'm looking forward to the challenge of somebody. Maybe Ampoon! I think it will be.



It was the taste of "Takoyaki SHOCK" that I wanted to eat again while writing.

At the table of the day there was a line of extravagant beers and takoyaki.

Naruto Takoyaki does not sell beer, but you can buy beer in the mini food court next to "FOOD Fighters".

By the way, if you are saying ”I can’t go far, I can't go!" Or "Oh I really want to eat Takoyaki!" You can try GO FOOD as well. But I think the freshly baked is the best.

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