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Lobster fast food restaurant! LOOBIE LOBSTERS, a giant lobster specialty store in Jakarta


【Commet was added om March 2019】

This article is about the Senopati store I wrote in 2016. Please keep in mind that the Senopati store has closed and the store has moved to West Jakarta.

Indonesia is surrounded by the sea at 360 °.

In addition, it is an archipelago nation, and fishing is actively performed on the islands spread across the country.

If you ask only here, you may think that the seafood will be delicious.

However, there is also a problem.

①Low skill of fisherman
→Poor quality control skills after capture

②Low capacity storage facility
→There are few refrigerators and freezers, and even if they do not get too cold.

③Worst logistics
→Traffic congestion in the central area always occurs, and it takes a tremendous amount of time to reach the city.

There is a situation like the above, and it can not always be said that seafood is delicious.

When it comes to eating delicious sashimi at a Japanese restaurant, you need to pay some money.

Imports are even more expensive due to customs duties.


Even under such adverse conditions, some stores try to offer delicious seafood at affordable prices through specialization.


Lobster specialty fast food Loobie Lobster

One of them is "LOOBIE Lobster & Shrimp" to be introduced this time.

The menu is super simple.

Lobster and juice and ice, that is all!

It is a specialty store specialized in this.

There are also oyster bars and lobster bars in my home country of Japan, but those shops are restaurants and there are many menus. Furthermore, the inside of the store is also decorated fashionable.

However, lobster specialty stores in Jakarta are different.

The entrance is simple.

There is no useless space inside the store. Like a fast food restaurant.

Only a simple table set and a washroom are in the store. Anyway, they are dropping the price of the menu without spending wasted money.

But it is not surprising. Because this restaurant is one of the Holycow steakhouse group, the most famouse steak specialists in the last few years.

We will introduce Holycow separately, it's a fast food of steak with only one steak (they do not have rice!).

In fact, next door is the first store of Holycow.

Well, let's get back to the Loobie Lobster story.

There seemed to be some menus, but I asked for the simplest set of lobster 200g & fried calamari (squid) and rice.

Close more.

It's like this, the price is 130,000 IDR.

Because it was 200g, I only had half body ....

If you are a male, 400g may be just right.

Certainly the price was still less than 200,000 IDR.

This price sense is about half to two thirds of other restaurants.

You can enjoy the flavor of lobster firmly so you can taste it.

It can not beat the fresh lobsters I eat at the beach, but the taste is so so.

The lobby lobster is a great place because they  keep the price down and grab the stomachs of the local people's despite using the luxury food lobster.

If such shops increase a little more, local children may be getting better and taste, and the food market in Indonesia may be changed.


One last note.

You can not drink alcohol here!

It can not be helped because it is a shop for local people.



The Senopati shop introduced in this article was closed with HolyCow next to Loobi Lobster.

It seems that the building itself has been receiving the attention of the government as an illegal building from before, so is that the cause?

Instead, list the store information of West Jakarta.

NAME:Loobie Lobster & Shrimps
ADDRESS:Jalan Panjang no.18, Kb. Jeruk, Kota Jakarta Barat
TEL:+62 858-1408-1408



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