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Best place for business dinners in Jakarta!! Bring a guest from abroad to "Lara Djonggrang"


Working in Jakarta, we have many opportunities to attend foreigners guests including the one from head office.

If you live here, you will miss the food of your home country, but guests from outside are different.

Naturally, they say, "I want to eat authentic Indonesian food that I can not eat in my own country."

There are times when I think, "Don't you eat local street food?", But you have no choice but to choose a safe place, because you will be troubled if they break their stomach.

In such a case, there are some shops to use, but today I will introduce one of them, “Lara Djonggrang”.

 "Lara Djonggrang", a well-known Indonesian restaurant, nestled quietly in Menten

Like the "Ya Udah Bistoro" introduced previously, the restaurant is located quietly in the area called Menteng.

Because it is operated by a well-known group company,Tugu Hotels & Restaurants Group, that also operates hotels,  and I feel a great deal of attention to the interior of the restaurant.

In such an atmosphere,

Surrounded by a nice interior,

It is also possible to be used for serious business dinners.

And the food is plentiful.

If you come here, you can eat basic Indonesian food.

There is also an Indonesian food sate. The picture is a unique satay stick with shrimp.

Fish dishes too,

There are many side dishes and you can also enjoy a set of rice.

You can enjoy the refined taste of typical Indonesian home cooking that you can eat at a street food.

I'm tired of eating Indonesian food, but when I come here I always feel "delicious".

Furthermore, the price is also polite and kind.

It is expensive as Indonesian food, but it is less expensive than the restaurant in the shopping mall where we usually go.

There is also beer and wine, and you can choose to smoke or not.

The atmosphere and the taste are the best, and it is kind to the wallet,

  • In the attended works when a guest came from your home country or another country.
  • At dinner when the family came to see you.
  • At dinner to persuade the family to move to Indonesia. (You can make them say "The food is delicious, and Jakarta is a better place than I thought.)

It is the best restaurant for the above situation.

NAME:Lara Djonggrang
ADDRESS: Jalan Teuku Cik Ditiro No. 4, Menteng, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10350
TEL:(021) 3153252
OPERATIN HOURS:11 AM ~ 1 AM (You should make a reservation when you go)



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