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Giyanti Coffee, a supreme drink in a popular cafe in Jakarta


Where is the best cafe in the city?

It is a difficult question.

Because there are various evaluation factors such as atmosphere and taste to evaluate cafe. Furthermore, each person has a preference for those elements.

However, in the case of Jakarta, it may not be a difficult question. If you ask me the number one cafe in Jakarta, I can answer:

That is "Giyanti Coffee".

A cafe that receives the top rating from both local and foreigners

As mentioned above, it is difficult to evaluate cafes absolutely. But there is a basis to introduce Giyanti Coffee as a Best Cafe.

There is also a reason that word-of-mouth spreads online, and it is always taken up in articles of the Best Coffee series, but it is Better Café instead of Best Café if it is the reason.

This store has a more objective and clear assessment.

  • Ranked 1st in the ranking of Best Café in restaurant review site "ZOMATO" which Indonesians often use.
  • Ranked 1st in Coffee & Tea's rating ranking of Trip Advisor, a word of mouth information site often used by foreigners.

This is because we have achieved two evaluations in this way.

Moreover, I think that they have been in the top position for a long time in the Trip Advisor ranking.

It's no exaggeration to say that they have an overwhelming first place rating from coffee lovers.


A cafe that looks like a hideout in the back of Menteng

Giyanti Coffee operates in a slightly confusing place.

Located along the antique street in the Menteng area, it is quietly open just behind the side street.




Huh? Is it really here?

Stillness that I feel uneasy even if I look at a map.

Please rest assured.

After leaving the side street, there is Giyanti Coffee.




There is a handmade atmosphere inside the store, making me feel a little nostalgic.

Unlike urban interiors, which are often found in cafes in the center of Jakarta, it is tasteful and creative.

I visited this afternoon on weekdays.

Despite being in such an unobtrusive place, there are always coffee-loving locals.




Commitment to single origin

Unlike other cafes, they do not sell drinks like juice that are popular with women.

Only coffee drinks are provided here.


The owner himself travels to all parts of Indonesia and purchases only the beans he really wants to drink.

They carefully select beans in areas such as Bali, Sumatra, Java, Flores and Papua, and serve them as single origins.


Blue Batak / Rp. 36,000

Among the many beans available, I recommend the North Sumatra bean called "Blue Batak".

This coffee has been cultivated by the Batak tribe in the high altitude of 1600 meters above sea level.

I like coffee that has a strong acidity and a rich aroma. The aroma of this coffee is really gorgeous and it suits my taste.

Even though it has a flavor, it has a rich taste and can be tasted like wine.


Toarja / Rp. 36,000

It was so delicious that I had another cup of coffee this day.

I ordered Toraja as a second cup.

This is a coffee made in the Toraja area in the highlands of Sulawesi.

This is also known as a premium coffee in my native Japan.

I'm glad to be able to drink at a reasonable price in Indonesia. Because it's domestic.

This is also a coffee with a strong sour taste, as the directionality of the taste is similar to Blue Batak.



Giyanti Cofee who holds the heart of gourmet coffee lovers in Jakarta with a focus on young people.

I think that it is a taste that is surely accepted by the coffee enthusiast expat.

Weekends are intensely crowded, so it's best to visit early on weekdays or if it's a weekend.

NAME:Giyanti Coffee Roastery
ADDRESS:Jalan Surabaya No.20, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat,
TEL:+62 21 31923698



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