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Just like the atmosphere of Japan, Japan's Takoyaki "GINDAKO" has finally come to central Jakarta! "GINDAKO" at Lotte Avenue

Since Japan's famous Takoyaki brand, GINDAKO, opened in Jakarta in August 2018, I have been waiting for GINDAKO to be available in my neighborhood as well.

The first shop was in Tangerang. From Central Jakarta to Tangerang, it's too far to go just to eat Takoyaki.

GINDAKO finally opened in Kuningan. I went to the Lotte Avenue shop.

Has there been a TAKOYAKI boom in Jakarta?

As a supplement for those who do not know TAKOYAKI, TAKOYAKI is a Japanese street food, and it is a ball-shaped food with octopus. And GINDAKO is the largest restaurant brand among Takoyaki shops in Japan.

Since opening the first store, GINDAKO is increasing the number of stores at a great pace.

As of March 2019, it is on Tangerang's Living Wolrd, Pantai Indah Kapuk's Ruko, Kemang's Kemang Village, and Kuningan's Lotte Avenue.

Certainly TAKOYAKI has many Take Aways, so it doesn't need much store space. But even with that in mind, they are increasing their stores at a very quick pace.

I heard that the Lotte Avenue store had just opened, but it was quite a success on the weekend. There were a lot of people who were eating TAKOYAKI alone.

It was impressive that a woman was eating a party set alone.

You can see how they are cooking, just like in a Japanese store. This performance attracts customers.



Takoyaki has a total of three flavors.

Size is from 4 pieces, but it is advantageous to have 16 pieces of party BOX. By the way, party sets can also be mixed.

About the taste of Takoyaki, the outside is crispy and the inside is creamy. Yeah, it's GINDAKO style in Japan.

Was it burn a little too much? I felt something like that, but since it just has opened, it will be improved from now on.

GINDAKO which my daughter-in-law bought last week was well cooked.

I personally recommend cheese MENTAIKO.

By the way, speaking of GINDAKO, there is one in Japan called "GINDAKO SAKABA(BAR)" where you can eat Takoyaki with beer and whiskey.



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There is no "GINDAKO SAKABA" in Jakarta, so if you like beer, take it home or deliver it and enjoy it at home!



In comparison with Japanese Takoyaki, Indonesian Takoyaki was too oily, had no octopus at all, and was not delicious.

With the expansion of the major brand GINDAKO, I am glad that delicious takoyaki spreads to Indonesia more and more.

As a drinker, I'm glad to have a "GINDAKO SAKABA(BAR)".

The following is the information of Lotte Avenue store. Ask Google about other stores.

NAME Gindaco Lotte Shopping Avenue
ADDRESS RT.18/RW.4, Kuningan, Karet Kuningan, Kecamatan Setiabudi, Kota Jakarta Selatan

Speaking of Takoyaki, Naruto Takoyaki of Block M is also recommended. If you have not experienced, please try this.



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