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Francis Artisan Bakery, the most delicious bread store in Jakarta


Indonesians don't cook much by themselves.

It's not they don't have to cook by themselves just because they have a helper.

Basically they don't cook as a custom.

When it comes to how to eat food, most of the food is eaten out.

Or they buy food from the outside and eat at home.

If you buy it at a stand, it's about $ 1 a meal, so it's cheaper than cooking.

There is a kitchen in the house, but there is no kitchen in the room of KOST (like a lodging) where young people live alone.

Occasionally, KOST may not have a refrigerator.

In such a background, bread meals are rapidly penetrating.

Bread can be stored for about 2 days even at summer temperature.

Even in Japan, which is my country, bread is pervasive as timeless morning meals.

Younger generations in Indonesia are also changing to that style.

Naturally, bakeries are increasing in Jakarta.

Japanese-style bakeries, Korean-style bakeries, and of course Indonesian bakeries.

Among the many bakeries, the one I recommend with the best bread and confidence in Jakarta is the "Francis" baker.

You will understand if you eat. Seriously delicious Francis's bread

I was a rice eater myself, but because my partner was an Indonesian and addicted to bread, I was able to eat a bakery in any Jakarta city.

Mostly, there were a lot of bread that was fried in oil and a side dish with a mixture of fresh chicken sausage and fake mayonnaise.

But Francis was different. You can feel the taste of wheat by eating bread. When I ate for the first time, I was surprised.

Located in the basement of Grand Indonesia, a central mall in Jakarta. It also seems to be in the Taman Anggrek and Lippo Mall.

This uncle is a marker.

This uncle seems to be French. Apparently this bakery has a mix of French and Japanese essence (I do not know the capital relationship).

Considering the location, this shop is completely for the wealthy.

The price is obviously higher than that of Indonesian bakeries.

Even if it is sold in Japan, it is a price that is not cheap.

However, even if it is sold in Japan where the quality of bread is high, this bread will be evaluated as delicious.

What should I tell you, is it different from wheat or yeast used?

At the moment when it is contained in the mouth, the smell of fragrant wheat spreads in a soft texture.


Everything on the menu is stylish

The type of bread is quite simple, but the combination of bread is stylish.

It also exudes an exquisite marriage with wheat.

This is the tea apricot bread. It looks too fashionable and I'm going to overthrow.

Plantain bread. It is unique.

Choco Pistachio Mango !! Is this Tokyo? ? It is so sophisticated that you can think of it.

It is delicious no matter what you eat, but among them the most popular products are this.

I do not know the official name.

This bread is not lined up on the counter, and it will sell out immediately after baking.

The taste is chocolate taste as it looks. In addition, it is very soft!

It seems that there are many customers who come to the store for this bread purpose (I see many customers who buy a lot).

When you come to Jakarta, especially with Western-style meals, you often feel sorry. There is not a lot of food we can say tasty.

But Francis is delicious!

If you want to eat delicious bread, please stop by at the ground floor of Grand Indonesia.

NAME:Francis Artisan Bakery
ADDRESS: Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.1, Menteng, DKI Jakarta, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10310
TEL:(021) 23580019

There are also many branches such as Mall Taman Anggrek, Lippo Mall Puri and Mall Kelapa Gading 3, etc.

Please check their official website for more information.



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