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Indonesian chain restaurant D'COST, where you can enjoy the taste of the common people of Indonesia


Whatever country you come from, there will probably be shops for common people in your country.

In Indonesia this restaurant is the restaurant of the common people.

Your wallet friend, Indonesian restaurant 'D'COST' with exciting low price

When I started living in Jakarta, I also felt that the Indonesian cuisine was new and delicious, but after three months I got bored.

It may be because I have little experience with Indonesian cuisine, but the directionality of the taste of all the dishes is sweet and spicy, and all tastes the same.

However, eating Japanese food at a tavern every day is tough on your wallet.

With this background, I am relying on D'COST, an Indonesian restaurant like a mass cafeteria.

It is also mixed with sunda cuisine, but the seasoning may be close with Chinese Indonesian food.

D'COST is often found in local shopping malls where foreigners usually do not go, and can be found in Mol Ambasador or Plaza Semanggi if it is in the center of Jakarta.

The way of ordering is unique in D'COST.

  1. When you enter the shop, there is a menu wall with a small menu of cards, so pick what you want to eat and take a ticket.
  2. Since rice, tea and sambal sauce are free, you should refrain from eating cooked rice unless you want to eat Nasi Goreng.
  3. You can choose between normal sambal sauce and papaya sambal sauce. If you want both, you will get both.
  4. Sit in the seat, give a ticket to the clerk and wait for the food. The clerk sometimes brings me some rice and tea, but I go for it myself. Because I am hungry. Like a school cafeteria, there is a rice cooker at the end of the floor.
  5. When you finish eating, go to the cash register and pay.

I often stop by when I want to eat vegetables, so I order greenery such as fried green spinach and eat rice with seafood like shellfish

<You can eat a delicious fried vegetables at around 22,000 IDR>


<I also sometimes eat this shellfish>


The Sundanese Sayur Asem (sour sour soup with corn) didn't fit, but the Tom Yam soup (a price below 30,000 IDR) is plentiful and delicious.


Store Information

The shops are always crowded with Indonesian families and students.

Even if the children are noisy, no one will hear it, so it's a local treat to be noisy on weekends.

Sometimes it's too busy, but the cheap price attraction may win.

When you see the sign of D’COST please try it.

As it is a chain business, there are many stores. This time I write the information of the store where I often go.

NAME:D'COST Seafood Mal Ambasador
Mal Ambasador, Lt. 5, Jalan Professor Doktor Satrio, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta
TEL:(021) 57937888
OPERATING HOURS:11時00分~21時00分

Recently I am interested in D'COST's business style of D'COST VIP.

I think that the attraction of D'COST will be halved if it becomes a store for VIP.

I would like to introduce you if I have visited.



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