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Why don't we eat it? Mangosteen, the best gastronomy in Indonesia


This time, it is information for travelers, not residents.

I often hear the voice of lament that there is no delicious fruit in Indonesia.

Some things are delicious if you are looking for them, but if you compare them with Japan, where meals from all countries can be eaten with a certain level of quality, you can not hide the sufficiency.

Even so, you may occasionally encounter tastes that are “inspiring”.

One of them is this.

"The Queen of Fruits" Mangosteen.

The Indonesian name is Manggis.

Although it can be harvested in countries other than Indonesia, Indonesia is also the world's origin of mangosteen.

I had never seen it when I was in Japan, but now I buy it every time I see it.

I checked a little about mangosteen.

  • Alongside the fruit king Dorian, mangosteen is described as the fruit queen
  • It is also called the world's three major fruits along with pineapple and cherimoya


Since it was discovered in the 19th century, it is said that it has fascinated Europeans and people from all over the world, but if you eat it you will be convinced.

The fruits of the tropical countries are often tasteful, but the levels of mangosteen are different.

There are white fruits in the hard skin, and you can enjoy the soft flesh that is wrapped in an elegantly fragrant juice.

It is described as a queen, but the way to eat is quite simple.

In Indonesia, we eat mangosteen with bare hands without using a knife.

If you squeeze from above, the epidermis will split.

Plunge a finger from the tear, open inside and get a white flesh again with this finger.

It may not be transmitted from the photos, but it is a really elegant and sensual taste.

In Indonesia, it is the season from December to March in the rainy season.

In Indonesia, if you buy 1 kg (about 10 pieces) of mangosteen, it costs about 1 dollar! cheap!

The taste is queen, but the price is civilian.

However, some are already getting worse.

It is better to avoid the ones that are too hard when you touch the skin as it is old.

If you are new to Indonesia, or if you travel or work, please try Fresh Mangosteen in Indonesia.



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