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Eat street food at kaki lima (mobile stand) in Jakarta! How to choose safe kaki lima?


This article may be information for business travelers and resident beginners. If you are a long-term resident, please skip it.

Indonesian traditional street food, kaki lima

For those of you who have already stayed for a long time, Indonesia has a traditional mobile stall called kaki lima.

It is a so-called street food. In Indonesia, mobile stalls are called kaki lima and store-style cafeterias are called warung.

The taste is almost the same, but this time I write about kaki lima. And if you live in Jakarta, you may want to order food from overseas business people who want to eat food stalls (hereinafter kaki lima).

There is a range depending on the person, but the average business trip period is around 2 to 3 days.

When you break your stomach, you will be tasting the unimaginable pain in the plane.

Everyone in Jakarta has been greeted with a very welcome period of intense stomach breakage within three months of their stay.

The brave businessmen also get broom when they hear that story.



How to choose a safe kaki lima

However, if you actually live and live in the country, you will find that kaki lima is not so dangerous.

If you choose a properly secure kaki lima, nothing will happen to you.

More than anything, it is appreciated that you will be full with only 10,000 IDR per meal.

However, if you hit a bad kaki lima, even Indonesians will break their stomach, so be careful.

So how do you determine safety?

It's not an absolute method of determination, but the policy I tell you from now on may be useful.


NOTE The following is an idea to find relatively safe kaki lima, and safety is not "absolute". When you eat, please be at your own risk. No matter how much you choose, it breaks when you break it . Because even Indonesians break it.



①Choose the popular Kaki lima

It doesn't have to be very popular, but let's choose kaki lima with regular customers.

If they have regular customers, the ingredients are also rotating.

In addition, regular customers do not come to kaki lima, which has a high probability of breaking the stomach.



②Choose the heated ingredients

This is the most important. Choose a well-heated dish. Also, please refrain from choosing dishes that have been left for a while after cooking.

For kaki lima beginners it is better to choose an item that will cook in front of you.

Nasi Goreng, Mie Gorang, Mie kua (like ramen), Ayam Goreng, Ayam Bakar, Satay, etc. are relatively safe.


Pictures of typical cooking dishes, Nasi Goreng stalls


③Make sure that the ingredients are easily damaged during the rainy season

Indonesia has a dry season and a rainy season.

In the rainy season, a large amount of rain falls every day, and insects and bacteria breed vigorously, and it is thought that food poisoning is likely to occur.

Be more careful if you eat in the rainy season.


How to order at kaki lima

Before learning how to order, it may take some time to come to know "What is this store selling?"

Generally, kaki lima writes what is sold using the character of the vinyl tape, so when you get used to it you will know the pattern of what you can eat.

↓This is Nasi Goreng and Mie Goreng kaki lima

Nasi Goreng shop usually has noodles (Mie) and Mie Goreng is often eaten.

If there is Ayam Goreng, there may be Ayam Bakar and Gorengan (Fried Food).

↓Set of Ayam Bakar and Gorengan, it's just 17,000 IDR

When ordering, first tell what you want to eat and then tell "Makan Di Sini (DINE IN)" or "Bungkus (TAKE AWAY)".

If you look carefully, there are eating and drinking spaces in the back and next to the store.

According to experience, if a foreigner buys in kaki lima, the shopkeeper doesn't think he will eat here, so they will automatically make it a take-away package.

However, it is better to show your intention well first, just in case.

Even if you don't understand the words, it will be something you can do by gesture.


About the taste of kaki lima

If it is Japan in my country, there is an image that the food stalls are carefully handmade, but it is not in Indonesia.

It is delicious to eat at a regular restaurant. But if you think about the price, it will be a way of thinking that you will endure daily meals with kaki lima.

However, in kaki lima there are some great delicious shops from time to time.

When it comes to delicious kaki lima, day and night customers are always on the go, and it seems like the shopkeeper's cooking skills are also skilled.

So I tried to shoot an old man (generally called nasi goreng father) who I am indebted to.


He dropped the package at the end but did not move at all.

Do you feel that there is something skilled? haha,

And finally I got this Mie kua (not Nasi Goreng!).

It is neither good nor bad, but no problem with 13,000 IDR.

Well, let's finally tell you how to find delicious kaki lima.

I have no choice but to try this.

Don't give up just because the kaki lima you tried first did not taste, but try to find delicious kaki lima in your daily lives.

Because it is the most effective and shortcut for Jakarta saving life.



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