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Finally started! I got on the MRT (subway) in Jakarta


March 2019. Finally, the Jakarta City High-speed Railroad, MRT has opened in Jakarta.

Although the official opening has not come yet, a test drive event was held from March 12th to 24th.

I've been on a trial ride while being late, so I can strike my impressions.

I hope we can convey only the atmosphere!

If you want to know how to take it, you can read article below.

No pain and no reform! MRT finally starts to run, getting over the construction traffic jam in hell

"No Pain, No Gain".

When I was young, this is a word that was taught by a masseur at the intensely painful foot massage salon in Kuala Lumpur.

That's right. There is no improvement without pain.

It may be adapted to everything, not just the human body. The Japanese Prime Minister of Japan used to say something similar.

Jakarta's MRT project started in 2013, and since then, large-scale construction has been carried out in central Jakarta.

By the time I landed in Jakarta, the central road was exactly like the game Sim City.

At the completion of the MRT approached, construction work became more intense and traffic congestion became more intense.

Especially the traffic in block M was awful, right?

After overcoming such a large construction in Jakarta's history, the MRT has finally been opened.

You will always be surprised at the last run of Indonesia.

The schedule for the construction was delayed, but in the end the station and the sidewalks in the center have become a standout.


Both the station and the train are all new and I have a excitement

Of course, all stations, ticket gates and even trains are all new.

The stairs are beautiful ...

The station yard is still under construction, but it is almost complete.

A new ticket gate.


The new experience of traveling by train in the city of Jakarta, the usual scenery also looks different!

There was also a bulletin board on the yard that informed the arrival time on the train, and the train was operated on time.

A train appears in time with the display time of the bulletin board and the clock.

Although it is a test drive period, quite a lot of people used it.

The south section runs on the ground so you can enjoy the scenery.

The day is blessed with weather, and the view from the window is also sunny.

The area I usually attend is also fresh and interesting to feel a different atmosphere when I go by MRT.

The city looks different.


Thanks to everyone in Japan and Indonesia who were involved in the construction

As already mentioned in various places, MRT is not finished, it will be the point how to use it from now on.

Not to mention the safe and stable operation as well as the development of the area around the station.

There is also work on the second section.

But anyway, I would like to applaud that I was able to find it open.

Everyone involved in the construction, both in Japan and Indonesia, was really thankful.

I hope that it will be used by many people in Indonesia and will grow into a beloved means of transportation.

And it would be nice if Jakarta could be a more walkable city!



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