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I can not graduate in the first year from diarrhea in Jakarta! In Indonesian life, toilet is my friend.


This is a slightly vulgar diary. I broke my stomach after a long time.

You should have been able to imagine the contents up to here.

If you are not interested, just close the browser.

I will return to the main subject. Well, I broke my stomach and I can not move at all.

Because when it moves, the butt becomes banjir (flood) by gravity and vibration.

Because it is a good time, I try to write while lying down about the diarrhea of Jakarta.

No matter how strong the gastrointestinal tract is, when you come to Southeast Asia, everyone must break your stomach

When my friend decided to be in Jakarta, he said:

"I have never had a stomachache in my life. I'm having trouble with constipation all year round. Rather I want to be if I can get diarrhea."

Half a year later, he posts "help" on Facebook.


Jakarta's diarrhea is intense anyway.

There are various theories about the cause.

  • Because intestinal bacteria are replaced
  • Because the body changes to water and oil
  • Because it is attacked by bacteria normally

Jakarta's diarrhea visits equally to everyone, whether president or beggar.


Body does not get stronger in about a year

Certainly, the human body will adapt more and more.

If I experience diarrhea once or twice, I will not break my stomach very much.

However, when I forgot I might be attacked again (← right now here).

It is an illusion that you will not break your stomach if you get used to it.

Because even local Indonesians may be broken when they are weak.

However, recently I have not eaten food at a stall ... Where did it come from? Mysterious Jakarta.


Japan's diarrhea was not diarrhea

In fact, what I feel after experiencing diarrhea in Asia is that the diarrhea I experienced in Japan was not diarrhea.

If it thinks now, it is still safe.

I will pick up some specific symptoms of Indonesian diarrhea.


Sense of urination from the buttocks

Only water and air will come out from the buttocks. At first, a little solid comes out, but it will be only water immediately.

The last is completely piss from the butt.


Fear of flooding when you feel relaxed

As a child understands, the buttocks are a place to put out a solid, not a place to put out a liquid.

It is not made to control the liquid.

Therefore, the possibility that a momentary relaxation will lead to a catastrophe will increase.

If the symptoms are severe, you can see that it is falling by gravity when you are standing.

At such time please lie down. Then the pressure of weight is relieved.

By the way, the safest position is the prone position.


You can not get out of the bathroom

If the symptom is the most severe, convulsions will occur at a frequency of once every few minutes (I am in the situation right now).

I can not leave the bathroom as if the toilet bowl seemed to be the strongest partner.

Every time I look at the toilet bowl, I hear a voice saying "Don't hold back. Come on me!"

Exactly toilet is my friend.

However, during the day there are also work and friends.

If you loose your mind when you go out, there is a risk that you will lose your work and your friends instantly.

I would like to prioritize and minimize going out.


Anyway, I can only drink water

I am not a doctor and I will not mention it in detail, but the basic treatment is to drink water. Pocari Sweat is the best.



The only way is to release the toxin in the gastrointestinal tract.

In Indonesia, you can buy medicine at a convenience store in Indonesia. These medicines are very intense.

Once in a long time, I had to take over-the-counter medicine because I could not avoid going out for a long time when I had diarrhea. After a while, the diarrhea stopped as it closed the anus with glue.

By the way, this seems to be the opposite effect and worse for treatment.

It is important not to stop, but to encourage the toxins to get out of the body.


Be gentle to the stomach and the intestines

So if you break your stomach in Indonesia it is quite difficult.

If you see the person who broke his stomach, please give it gently.

And if you break your stomach, raise your intestines.

My stomach is moving again while writing such a thing ....



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