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Japanese style hot spring finally came to Jakarta! It is very convenient to use ONSEN of hotel KURETAKESOU Kemang on a day trip

The day has finally come to write about "ONSEN" in Jakarta!

To be precise, it is not ONSEN, but there is a facility in Jakarta that you can take a bath like a Japanese public bath.

This is an ONSEN report of "Hotel KURETAKESOU" opened in Kemang.

This time I got permission to shoot outside of business hours in advance to write an article. In the article, a bath for women also appears, but it is taken with legitimate permission.

Baths that can be used like public baths are valuable in Jakarta!

Japanese people like to go to the bathtub very much.

However, Indonesia basically has a shower and there is no opportunity to use a bathtub.

Even if you have a bathtub, you can not get warm water if the boiler is weak.

There is a spa in Jakarta, but it is not a public bath.

There is also a facility called a hot spring on the outskirts of Jakarta, but it looks like an extension of footbath.


... As mentioned above, public baths are valuable in Jakarta!


And 2019 years ... If you finally reach out, you can get a public bath where you can go if you stretch out.


Beer and public bath at Rp 100,000! KURETAKESOU kemang day bath

Hotel Kuretakesou opened at Kemang in December 2018.

They offer a large public bath as a hotel facility, but you can use Rp 100,000 once without being a guest.

Because it is a facility inside the hotel, the towels are complete, meaning you can use the public bath without preparing anything.


Moreover, the most important things to tell you is,


Beer after bath is included with the ticket.


I say it once more because it is important.


You can drink a glass of beer for free after taking a bath. (※)

※Non-alcoholic drinks other than beer are acceptable


It is no exaggeration to say that this beer is more important than a bath.


Large public bath spread on the second basement floor of Kemang

The staff will guide you to the bath when you tell them how to use the bath at the lobby reception.

The lobby of the hotel is comfortable with a sense of liberation.

The public bath is located on the second floor of the basement.

Available in the morning and after the evening

By gender, it is locked by the daily PIN code.

The security code is safe because it is separate for men and women.


It looks like this in the men's changing room.

The space is a little small, but there is a complete set of things you need.

There is also a drum-type washing machine so you can take a bath while washing.

The changing rooms are equipped with towels.

And ... what is this?

This is disposable underwear.

It is a public bath but not here in Japan.

People who do not want to be naked can wear disposable underwear.


The baths are just beautiful, as they are just finished.

Complete with shampoo and body soap.

And there is a small sauna in the men's bath!



I also filmed a women's bath.

I am taking pictures with the permission of the facility.


I feel that women's changing rooms are more beautiful than men's changing rooms.

Complete with disposable underwear for women.

Also Elipse after bath.

Women's baths are slightly smaller than men's baths.

There is no conditioner, so it may be necessary to bring it in. And there is no sauna in the women's bath.


There are additional facilities

I was also shown other than the bath.


Restaurant & Bar Space

There is a restaurant and bar space on the top floor.

There is a main event waiting for you after take a bath.

The shop is still in preparation, but will be reopened as "Japanese Bar Restaurant" in the future.

Snacks and liquor can still be ordered as of April 2019.


Lounge space with cartoon (manga is still in preparation)

There is a lounge area where you can take a break or small MTG.

There is also a cartoon space, but the collection of cartoons seems to be prepared from now (as of April 2019).


Mini gym

There is also a mini-gym in the building.

In the gym there are running machines and exercise bikes, a tongue corner, and yoga mats and a space for stretching.

According to the staff, the public bath users can use the gym at the moment.

They seem to be preparing a membership plan that combines a public bath and a gym.

I wonder if the gym will be accompanied by beer ... I'm in a complicated mood that I want you to put on, not want to put on.



I actually experienced the bath and the hot water was hot enough and comfortable.

The water pressure in the shower is strong and you can relax and cleanse yourself.

This is a public bath experience I was looking for ....

Because you can use it without preparing anything, people passing through the area can also stop by on their way home from work.

It may be better to sweat in the gym and soak in a hot tub on the weekend.

Since they have just opened, it is also expected for further development in the future!

NAME Hotel Kuretakeso Kemang
ADDRESS Jl. Bangka Raya No.7 A, RT.2/RW.7, Pela Mampang, Mampang Prpt., Kota Jakarta Selatan
OPERATING HOURS 5:30~11:00、17:00~24:00
※This is for ONSEN(public bats) user.



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